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  1. Shelter of Grace

From the recording A Heart Like His

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The warning has been sounded out,
The storm of sin is on the rise
Without defense or alibi
we’re caught up in it’s gale.
We’re searching for a shelter,
a place where we can run and hide
with walls that keep us safe inside
a structure that won’t fail.

Out a cross, out of three nails
Out of one perfect Lamb,
that would sacrifice himself
Out some thorns
Out of one hill
Out of one broken vessel
That was willing to be spilled
God built, a shelter of Grace.

Grace used a rugged carpenter
to build a bridge that led to God.
a roman cross made out of wood
a hammer and three nails.
We must find His forgiveness
And come confessing all our sin.
A place where we start up again
With power from His blood.


Out of a cold and lonely place where we are
Into the warm and loving, shelter of God’s arms.


God built, a shelter of Grace.