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  1. Israel

From the recording A Heart Like His

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Verse 1:
It was sacred holy covenant
From ancient days of long ago
God made a promise to a righteous man
His seed would multiply and grow

You’ll be a nation known to all mankind
The early prophets did fortell
A holy nation to be blessed by God
The chosen seed of Israel

Israel, Israel
Israel, Israel
The chosen ones of God

Verse 3
A Stolen birthright of inheritance
Jacob was fleeing for his life
When he decided to return back home
He was troubled in the night

There was a visit by an angel with
A message he was sent to tell
From this day forward God has given you
The chosen name of Israel


Verse 4:
History tells us that down through the years
The chosen nation was enslaved
But holding steadfast to the promise that
Their God would answer if they prayed

When out of Egypt came the exodus
Led by the mighty hand of God
Then crossing over to the promise land
With 10 commandments from their God


Verse 4:
Today the nation lives in fear of war
The people scattered from their land
Will gather home again and all proclaim
Jesus Messiah is the Lamb

Heaven will open and then all will see
The city John described so well
Throughout eternity in paradise
Together one with Israel